Our Mission

As a community, our goal is to strengthen one another through the worship of Allah (SWT). We believe that the beauty of Islam should be reflected by the way in which we live our lives. Through a combination of discussions, lectures, and activities, our mission is to provide our youth with the skill set necessary to become successful in all aspects of life.

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In addition to lectures, we run weekly student-led discussions in which experiences are shared and ideas are debated in a judgement free zone.

Community Involvement

As Muslims, we acknowledge the fact that serving our community is a duty that we must fulfill, and do so with pleasure! With organized park-cleanings, nursing home visits, and feeding the fasting during Ramadan, we offer a helping hand to those in need regardless of their faith.


Whether through Quranic translations, Prophetic stories, eye opening Hadeeths, or group prayers, our ultimate goal is to instill the value of habitual worship into our youth.


Activity is a major part of our curriculum here at M & M Youth! Ranging from basketball and soccer, to Sky Zone, ice skating, and hiking, our program prides itself on learning while having fun! Be on the lookout for our local outings, domestic retreats, and our upcoming plans for an international trip in the near future!

Senior Curriculum (Friday)

Sep. 21 - Dec. 21, 2018*

*Schedule is tentative and subject to change, pending availability and curriculum adjustments

  • Why are you Muslim?

    Sep. 21 - Judaism vs. Christianity vs Islam

    Sep. 28 - Questions of the Grave

    Oct. 5 - Mercy of Isalm (outing)

  • Islam in the West

    Oct. 12 - Gender Roles

    Oct. 19 - Taqwa

    Oct. 26 - Peer Pressure (outing)

  • Gems of the Quran

    Nov. 2 - The Holy Quran

    Nov. 9 - Al-Baqara (outing)

    Nov. 16 - Al-Asr

  • Ummah

    Nov. 23 - Selfishness vs Selflessness

    Nov. 30 - Dunya vs Akhira

    Nov. 7 - Community Service

  • December

    December 14 - Recap / Q&A

    December 21 - End of Semester Celebration

Junior Curriculum (Sunday)

Jan 21 - May 13, 2018*

*Schedule is tentative and subject to change, pending availability and curriculum adjustments

  • Aqeedah

    January 21: Welcome Day and Etiquettes of the Masjid

    January 28: Islam

    February 4: Iman

    February 11 Ihsan

  • Sunnah

    February 18: Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

    February 25: Sahabah

    March 4: Preservation of Hadith (from Sahabah to today)

  • Modesty

    March 11: Internal (Heart)

    March 18: Practicing Modesty

  • Parent - Child Relationships in the Quran

    March 25: The Importance of the Relationship

    April 1: Child - Parent Relationship (Prophet Ibrahim (AS))

    April 8: Parent - Child Relationship (Prophet Nooh (AS))

  • Extracurriculars

    April 15: TBD

    April 22: International Trip

    April 29: Community Service

    May 6: Celebration Day

    May 12-13: Spring Retreat!!